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Our in-app high-end recording tool gives the quality of a fancy studio. You are just a click away from recording your podcast on your phone in the comfort of your home.

We take our creators a little too seriously!

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KuKu FM is a 100% Free application. If you have a concept that talks to human emotions, connects with people and is driven by passion; then we will invest in it. We will promote it across our network.

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In god we might trust, but data is better!

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Our In-app analytics dashboard is one of the most advanced in the industry. You'll get a complete end to end understanding about your audience and the content you are creating.

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  • We will help you promote your content using our exclusive tools.
  • We will try to ensure that your content reaches a wider audience.
  • We will promote your content across our network of content platforms.
  • Proper guidance and support provided in order to give you meaningful growth insights about your content and audience.
  • One on one sessions with top creators all across the country where you can share ideas and collaborate.
  • If you are a storyteller or a story writer, our app-exclusive features will be unlocked for you which will help you enhance your content quality as well as reach targeted audience.
  • Get a personal community Manager who will address to all your queries 24/7.
  • We connect you to the brands who need you!
  • Exclusive tie-ups with content producing platforms.
  • Access to networks and support from top creators across India
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Mahendra Dogney - M.D. Motivation

Aditya Bajpai

Been creating content in KuKu FM since the beginning. Really glad to be a part of their amazing journey. The app is so easy to use and the reach is amazing. Keep doing the amazing work guys!

The clip people listen is not only the hard work of narrator /editor but also of the team, who listens a single file 100 times during correction and is then finalized for listeners."I'm just loving my job and hope for the long term relationship with them.

KuKuFm has given me an opportunity to connect with people out there and explore my potential to the maximum possible.

Rashmi Sharma

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"Platform & reach"

"Team & resources"


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